Farmer Feature: Quality Organic Farm

A visit to Quality Organic Farm entails driving nine miles down a gravel road, most likely without meeting another vehicle headed in either direction.

QualOrgFarmArrival always begins with a warm and genuine welcome filled with smiles and an invitation to meet “the boys.” All four boast a “Z” in their names, which doesn’t make it any easier to remember which “Z” belongs to whom!

There is no doubting these folks are the iconic farm family. They are all in this together. With their hearts, with their minds and bodies, and with their souls. They care about each other and the land; they care about the crops they grow and the folks who are going to eat the grains, legumes, and livestock they’ve worked so hard, and so joyously, to provide.

One easily senses their simple lifestyle is a manifestation of the abundance they find in their relationship with others, with the earth, and with an unspoken but ever-present divinity. When visiting their fields, what’s also obvious is the responsibility they embrace as stewards of their land and livestock. It’s all about a commitment to doing the best job they possibly can, and learning from each experience so they can do it even better in the future.

Quality Organic Farm was certified organic in 2008 and joined the core of dedicated family farmers growing for Timeless two years later. They have taken on some of our most challenging crops — French Green Lentils, Black Butte Chickpeas®, and hand-selecting seed for the heirloom grain Purple Prairie Barley®.

“We grow crops for Timeless because it’s a small company that cares about farmers and the environment," Monica notes.

Thank you, Mark and Monica, for your focus and determination in land stewardship!