Farmer Feature: NF Farms

What two things do a banker, pilot, mechanic and physical therapist all have in common?

NF.Farms1. They’re all related.
2. They all own Nicholson Family (NF) Farms in Montana!

Kris, Trevor, Taylor, and Brooke have grown up around farming. Their parents, Dick and Nelly Jo, have farmed using organic practices for nearly 20 years. With all the experience of helping their parents under their belts, the four siblings decided to incorporate into NF Farms in 2016 to create their own farming legacy. While, like many farmers, all maintaining off farm jobs.

Farming with family can be challenging and there will always be differing perspectives, but for the Nicholson’s it has also provided opportunities to grow and learn. Together they cultivate, grow and harvest nearly 3,400 acres of land outside of Chinook, Montana.

NF Farms began officially growing for Timeless in 2017. But we affectionately remember when Brooke (when in high school) grew a plot of our Purple Prairie Barley for a school project.

While the health benefits of organically grown food definitely impress this family, the bottom line of organic markets is what initially drew this family to this way of farming.

"I am a businessman. This just made more sense," Kris shared.

NF farms would like you, the end consumer, to know that you become an extension of their family farm when you buy Timeless Red or Black Beluga®️Lentils. Your support allows them to continue doing what they enjoy, which is farming the land together.