Team Timeless Nicki Howendobler

nicki-hThis family-oriented mother of two brings a lively spirit and fresh perspective to our warehouse. She has lived in Montana and enjoyed small town, agrarian living all her life. Working at Timeless allows her the freedom and flexibility to be close to home and enjoy making memories by camping, fishing, and participating in winter sports. These give her much joy that she brings to work to share with others.

A year and a half ago, Nicki was driving 80 miles a day to work and back when she decided to make a career shift that would better serve her family and her gasoline bill! Until she found out about our facility in Ulm, she had never thought twice about lentils or ancient grains. Little did she know that these humble legumes and grains would make their way into her kitchen as regular items on the menu.

Little by little she would bring home products and experiment. Some of her family's favorite recipes now include Fried Farro (taking the place of fried rice), Chicken Bacon Farro, and a low-carb Crimson Lentil replacement for mashed potatoes.

Nicki represents a large portion of mothers trying to make different, more conscious meal choices for their kids. Offering her kids after school snacks like crispy chickpeas to expand their palette to more nourishing options and create new habits for herself too, is a challenge that comes with much reward. What makes this extra special for Nicki is knowing firsthand the care that goes into producing the food she feeds her family.

As Retail Lead, she takes great pride in making sure your products are safely and properly packaged. During the early parts of the pandemic, Nicki and the rest of the retail team worked tirelessly to package in a month what we normally sell online in a year. Thankfully, things have settled to a more manageable pace!

Thank you, Nicki, for all you do!