Farmer Feature: Bill and Renita Brown

The Timeless organic green, yellow split pea, chickpeas or crimson lentils on your plate could quite possibly come from the farmers and outfitters, Bill and Renita Brown.

BrownFarmBill and Renita have been farming since 1986 but have only been farming using organic practices since 2009.

What made them transition? The chemicals. Bill simply did not like farming with all the chemicals he had to spread. Instead he uses crop rotation of two legumes between wheat/sweet clover crops to soil health and protein content up. This seasoned farmer is still up for trying new things. Bill is experimenting with cover cropping for the first time this season and as he puts it, "the jury is still out", on the results of that trial.

Overall this couple is grateful for the end consumer who recognizes the time and effort it takes to produce legumes and grains while caring for the land.

"The consumers are creating the market, and we appreciate their interest and support of what we do," Bill said.

It warms their heart on days when temperatures in Montana are dipping into the negatives.

Thank you Bill and Renita for all you do!