Farmer Feature: Logan Lyders

Logan-LydersThis year, one of the most impressive crops of lentils we’ve ever seen came from the fields of Logan Lyders.

This husband and father of three young children is a third-generation farmer who works in partnership with his father and has been immersed in farming circles all his life.

We first met Logan five years ago when he attended a Timeless grower meeting with his fellow grower and childhood buddy, John Wicks.

Three years later he grew his first fields of organic lentils on ground coming out of the USDA CRP program. His results were better than expected and he never looked back! In fact, he is adding another 400 acres coming out of CRP this year.

Logan’s family farmed for several years before deciding the markets were right to jump into trying organic. Logan notes that organic growers not only have more of a support system from companies like Timeless, who take the time to come visit his fields and help him troubleshoot, but also a sense of camaraderie with fellow growers unique to any experience he’s had in the farming industry.

Farming is a tangible industry where the results of your efforts are quite literally visible right before your eyes for better or worse. Logan enjoys the sense of accomplishment that comes when the crops turn out beautifully after a season of careful tending. This time of year, the combines are turned off, the lentils are quietly tucked in their bins, and Logan can feel satisfied at a job well done.

Thanks, Logan, for all you do!