Team Timeless: Jim Barngrover

jim-bWay back in the last century, Jim Barngrover was one of the founding members of the Timeless Seeds crew. When the crew consisted of four...

His passion for regenerative agriculture and the livelihood of small farmers was birthed long before that, frustration at large scale farming mismanagement, and a sincere desire to utilize more holistic ways to produce food, forage and fiber without synthetic inputs.

Jim’s father was exposed to the highly toxic, yet commonly used pesticide, Paranthion, in his late 20s. It was painful to watch his father deal with complications from this exposure and it forever impacted his life. It completely changed Jim’s view of pesticides and other ag chemicals. Instead of being a helpless bystander of the negligent devastation created by a chemical farming model, he chose instead to take action.

The power of this experience became more evident as he began to use his voice to facilitate change at a policy level for issues close to his heart, such as social equality and organic farming policies. He has been an impassioned political activist for decades.

As a founding farmer and current Procurement and Grower Liaison at Timeless, he has seen first-hand how organic farming has changed the landscape of Montana over the decades.
There was a time when he knew likely all dozen or so certified organic growers across the state of Montana. Through his years of procurement on behalf of Timeless, he had relationships with over 100 organic producers representing tens of thousands of acres now free of synthetic ag chemicals, from pesticides to fertilizers.

His unhurried manner, willingness to travel to remote locations, and gift of conversation help the Timeless Team to know the real cares and concerns of our growers, which range from preserving wildlife, family health, weed/pest control, biodiversity and improving soil integrity.

Knowing grower needs helps us understand how to better support them. Armed with decades of experience, Timeless tools, and often a beer from the local microbrewery, Jim lightens the load by becoming the connection to resources that they are often missing.

Thank you, Jim, for all you do! If you have had the pleasure of coffee or a beer with Jim, let us know in the comments below!