Farmer Feature: Chad Bowman

If you have ever had some of our Black Butte Chickpeas®️ there is a chance that they were grown on Chad's farm. Chad knew he wanted to farm since he was a child in 4-H. He currently resides on the same land that his great grandfather started his farm on in 1914. That is 100 years of farming legacy. Six years ago, however, he transitioned to organic.

chad"When you don't pour chemicals on the ground, you don't foul up the chemistry of the soil," he explains.

Tired of the carousel of chemical agriculture treatments that created chemical agriculture problems that could "only” be treated with chemicals, he decided there must be a better way. Working with his already organic neighbor, Matt Johnson, he began to build back the soil on the ground he had been treating for years with synthetic fungicides and pesticides. And guess what -- it's never looked better.

"If you are humble enough to ask questions then you will learn a lot,” he said.

"What the end user would benefit from knowing is that there is a lot of extra work, thought and previous failures that have gone into growing their product sustainably."

Well, we know something is working because the plants look beautiful! Thank you, Chad and family, for sharing a bit of our journey with Timeless!