The Woman Who Launched a Grass Roots Movement at Her Dining Table

lentil queen Dave and JimColombian born, Chef Claudia Galofre-Krevat, a long-time friend to the Timeless Community. Join us as we explore the role she has played in bringing international culture and spice to Bozeman and beyond using Montana pulses as a bridge to bring people together.

In 1998, after Claudia had settled in Bozeman, she became homesick for the rich flavors of food from her Colombian heritage. Little did she know that the lentils she found at the local Town and Country grocery to recreate her favorite mouth-watering South American dishes, were not only grown in Montana, but they would help fuel her mission for bringing everyone together at "One Table."

Soon after Claudia became friends with Timeless Food founder, Dave Oien and began exchanging recipes and genuine enthusiasm in making the world a better place through the humble lentil.

Dave was impressed with Claudia's ability to infuse dynamic flavors in dishes beyond ordinary soups and salads. Lentil Arepas, anyone? As he prepared to join a series of book tour events for the newly published Lentil Underground (written by Missoula author Liz Carlisle), Dave knew how much this lentil-loving chef would add by cooking and serving dishes made with Montana Lentils. Lentil Underground is the story about four founding farmers and how Timeless Seeds defied corporate agribusiness to launch a lasting sustainable farm-to-table food movement.  

Claudia realized through the book tour that many Montanans were unaware that their home state is one of the largest producers of lentils in the country – and THE largest producer of organic lentils! It became her mission to change that. With a little encouragement from Timeless, Claudia made a plan, applied for a grant, and set out to change the status quo. The band of renegade farmers now had a renegade chef!

In 2015 and 2016, armed with grants from Red Ants Pants Foundation and years of experience cooking with pulses, the Lentil Caravan was born and Claudia hit the road. She was able to travel to rural towns such as White Sulphur Springs, Ulm, Conrad, Havre, and Fort Benton to demonstrate cooking with the pulses that grow right in their own communities.

Tastings, samplings, and classes inspired cooks of all ages to experiment with lentils and chickpeas in their own kitchens. While traveling to share her recipes and tips with others, Claudia developed lasting friendships with growers who often sent her down the road with buckets of lentils for her venture. After the tours were over, she still had pounds of lentils in her kitchen...400 to be exact! What's a lentil-loving girl to do?

claudia sit around the table quote with galofre-2In 2016, she unintentionally launched a grassroots movement at her own dinner table, “The Lentil Table.” Claudia took “leftover” product from her Lentil Caravan project and used it to promote the sustainable food movement, community development, and worthy local causes.

In early August, after a “Covid Break” that ended in June this year, a banner reading Breaking Bread Together flew as a backdrop to Bozeman's latest Lentil Table Dinner. And 125 people gathered to do just that! It was a proud day for the woman who began by feeding six people as a supper club in her home five years ago.

These dinners have evolved to provide opportunities for personal and community growth through the arts, music, and dance, as well as introducing talented, kind, and giving members of non-profits and the business world.

To keep the costs to a minimum, guests bring their own dishware, silverware, glasses, and beverages of choice. At $5 a plate, Claudia provides a delectable spread of food and an unforgettable experience for pennies on the dollar.

Want to see what all the fuss is about? Tickets are limited, so get yours for the next Lentil Table dinner (October date yet TBD) here. Keep checking so you don't miss your chance.

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