Farmer Feature: Joseph Kibiwott

Joseph grew up in a small village in Kenya and is currently a PhD student with a research project a world away on the great plains of Montana. Here's how he did it:

Joseph.KibiwottJoseph's entire life has revolved around farming in some form or fashion. A problem solver from the very beginning, he built on his degree in Analytical Chemistry in Kenya at a research station creating solutions for potable water issues. Ten years ago, in an effort to advance his education, he and his wife traveled to Gainesville, Florida where he attended the University of Florida to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Soil and Water Sciences.

Several research projects later – and a couple of cross-country moves – Joseph landed at MSU Bozeman where he read Liz Carlisle's "Lentil Underground," a moving history of the origins of Timeless Seeds and other renegade farmers changing the landscape of Montana by growing lentils and other pulses. He became intrigued. This way of farming made a lot of sense to this studious soil advocate. It was then he reached out to Dave Oien, Timeless CEO and one of our founding farmers.

The connection was instant.

Joseph landed a position on the Timeless Agronomy Team and eventually found funding for his PhD project currently underway (more on this project to come). He ensures our farmers have the best resources available to them for maximum crop success. His drive, determination, and analytical mind are balanced by the ease of his manner and warm hospitality reflecting his Kenyan roots.

Thank you, Joseph, for being an integral part of Team Timeless.