Farmer Feature: Casey Bailey

As a farmer on the Northwest Great Plains, Casey Bailey spends a great deal of mental energy in the cogs of his industry.


While communicating with markets, fixing equipment, and long days of tiring work in the bone chilling cold of Montana Great Plains usurp his precious commodity of time, his first love lies in the soil in the ground on which he treads.

We recently asked Casey what he would like the end consumer to know about him.

“I just really love being a part of the experience between soil health, plants, and working with them as a farmer. When I consider being present with soils and how they function, I start to think about crop rotation and trying new experiments, understanding the intricate relationships between microbiology leading, and how that contributes to human health,” he said.  

“As our farms get bigger and ideas get bigger, sometimes they can feel distant from that simple reality that we are all interconnected, but that is what drives me and why I like to share the food that we produce on the farm with a friend or neighbor. I like the experience from the ground up rather than starting from the top down.”

Thanks, Casey, for all you do!