Farmer Feature: Jody Manuel

Jody transitioned his farm to organic in 2007. He was recently asked what he would like people to know about organics.

Jody.Manuel“Food that carries the certified organic label is all natural. Food labeled as all natural is not organic,” Jody said.

“Food labeled as organic is 100% non-GMO. Food that is labeled non-GMO may not be certified organic and not even necessarily 100% non-GMO.”

Anything that carries the green and white or black and white USDA organic label has been subject to the most extensive audit trail in our food system. One of the biggest challenges that organic producers and handler’s face is all of the clever marketing strategies that have been put in place to take advantage of the good faith of the health-conscious consumer who simply wants to feed themselves and their families as healthfully as possible.

Where are you on your journey in learning about organic food? What would you ask an organic farmer?